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  • Information and Guidelines about Submission of Project Report of MBA 4th Semester
  • Note:- You Can also download a copy of GuideLines from the download section


    (MBA 4th Semester Programme 2010)




    1.         Immediately after the completion of the Third semester, the students shall undertake a Project Report Work of 6 weeks duration. The Project Report so prepared will be assessed in the fourth Semester as a Compulsory Paper (2403: Project Report). The Project Report will be submitted by the candidates in the manner as specified in the Ordinance.


    2.         The last date for the receipt of Project Report in the office of the Institute will be 28.03.2010 along with University fee of Rs 400/-. However, a fine of Rs. 1000/- will be imposed after this date up to 01.04.2010 Report can be submitted in the event of default with application after 01.04.2010 with a fine of Rs. 1500/- (M.D. University, Rohtak) over and above the previous fees & fine.


    3.         i) The candidate shall be required to submit three copies of his Project Report. The last date for receipt of Project Report in the office of the Controller of Examinations shall be one month before the commencement of the fourth semester Examination. In exceptional cases, the Vice-Chancellor may, on the recommendation of the Director of the Institute, extend the last date of receipt of the Project Report, till the commencement of the fourth semester examination, with late fee.


    (ii) The Project Report shall be evaluated as per the guidelines specified in the Scheme of Examination, jointly by the external and the internal examiners. If the difference in the awards is up to 30% of the maximum marks, the average of the two shall be taken as final award. If the difference between the external and internal examiners is more than 30% of the maximum marks, the appointment of the third examiner shall be made by the Vice- Chancellor on the recommendation of the PG Board of Studies in Management. The final award shall be the average of the three examiners.


    (iii) The marks obtained by the candidate for the project report shall be taken into account when he appears in any future examination under reappear clause.



    4.         The Project Report, wherever specified will be submitted in the typed form as per the following requirements:


    (i)         The typing should be done on both sides of the paper (instead of single side printing).


    (ii)        The font size should be 12 with Times Roman Format.


    (iii)       The Project Report may be typed in 1.5 (one and a half) space. But the References/Bibliography should be typed in a single space.


    iv)        The paper should be A-4 size.


    v)         Two copies meant for the purpose of evaluation may be bound in paper-back form and one copy should be in hard binding be submitted in triplicate duly signed by the Training Supervisor of the respective Organization for the final dispatch along with duly signed declaration form by concerned faculty & Principal of Institute.


    5.         The evaluation shall be done in the manner specified in the Scheme of Examination of the programme. The minimum percentage of marks to pass the Project Report examination is 45%. The Project Report shall carry 200 marks which will be evaluated by Internal & the external examiner.


    6.         The Project Report shall carry 200 marks which will be evaluated by Internal & the external examiner on the basis of the following criteria/break-up of marks:-


    1.            Contents & Layout of the Report                                            20

    2.            Conceptual Framework                                                          20

    3.            Objectives & Methodology                                                      15

    4.            Data Presentation & Analysis                                                 20

    5.            Implications & Conclusions                                                    15

    6.            Bibliography                                                                            10

    7.            Total                                                                                        100


    7.         All the students are required to give presentation to the concerned guide along with the Committee of experts mentioned below:                               




    Marketing:                 Mrs. Anshu Hooda, Mrs. Vaishali, Ms.Neelam, Mr. Surender

                Finance:                     Mrs. Anshu Hooda, Mr. Mohit, Mr. Surender, Ms. Neelam

    Human Resource      Mrs. Vaishali


    The name of the concerned faculty will be notified through separate notice.


    8.         All the students are required to give presentation to the concerned guide along with the Committee of experts on what they have learnt in their Project in the presence of other Trainee students as per following schedule:


    Roll No.                                  Date Schedule                     

    Roll No.1-10                            15th  April

    Roll No.11-20                          16th  April

    Roll No.21-30                          17th  April

    Roll No.31-40                          18th  April

    Roll No.41-50                          20th  April

    Roll No. 51 onwards               21st  April


    9.         The students are required to meet their  Guides at least thrice before submitting the report for final dispatch and is required to accommodate due changes made by the guide. It is obligatory for students to get their draft approved from concerned guide before giving final draft of the Project Report for submission.


    10.       Project report submitted should have a proper Declaration Form given by the Institute attached to it by the candidate and duly signed by candidate and concerned faculty.


    11.       No two students should work on a single Topic for Project. Even if the students are assigned the same project it is expected that they work on different aspects of the project and presentation shall be different.

    12.       Project report may contain following aspects of Organization i.e

    I)                    Organization profile

    II)                   Business of the organisation

    III)                 Management procedures and updates in various functional areas of  Organisation

    IV)                Critical assessment and evaluation of Organisation Business, strength & weaknesses and future prospects of Organisation.

    V)                 Suggestions and Recommendation for the organisation.


    13.       Project Report may be of following types:

    a.         Comprehensive Case Study --covering single Organisation, Multi Functional Area, Problem Formulation, Analysis and Recommendations.

    b.         Inter-Organisation study- Inter Organizational Comparison or validation of theory/survey of management practices.

    c.         Field Study –Empirical study

    Guidelines for Structure of Final Project Report

    1.         The length of The Project Report should be of ideal number of pages (60-80) not exceeding 15,000 words (Excluding appendices and exhibits) However 10% variation on either side is permissible.

    2.         Project allotted by the Industry supervisor should strictly consists of the following:


    a.      COVER PAGE: In the format as prescribed in its contents must strictly be adhered.

    b.      CERTIFICATE FROM ORGANIZATION: Project completion certificate issued by                                        organization concerned on Original Letter Pad mentioning Title of the project, period of Training, the Name of the Trainee and Institute along with the assessment of the overall performance of the student duly signed by the competent authority.

    c.      CERTIFICATE FROM THE INSTITUTE: In the format as prescribed in its contents must strictly be adhered and duly signed by the concerned Guide.

    d.      ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: It must specify the gratitude offered to the persons concerned instrumental in finalization of the Report e.g.  Institute, Parents, Principal, Guide, Industrial Guide, Friends, Peers etc. and it must be signed by the student concerned.

    e.       PREFACE:   It must specify the zest of all the sections and chapters included in the Report and also highlighting its relevance.

    f.         TABLE OF CONTENTS: Index must be specified with appropriate topics and page numbers as specified.

    g.      INTRODUCTION: Significance of the study, Review of Existing Literature, Conceptualization, focus of the problem, Operationalization of the concept, Chapterization, Notes( References)

    h.      INDUSTRY PROFILE: Brief profile of the Industry including its current status from which the company belongs.

    i.         COMPANY PROFILE: Company profile includes all the relevant information about the company its history, hierarchy, various department, production process, product profile, its past performance, future plans etc.

    j.         OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: Must be directly in consonance with the research title and Questionnaire of the study should play significant role in fulfilling the Objectives of the Study

    k.       SCOPE OF THE STUDY: Focus of Study, Relevance of Study.

    l.         RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:  It must specify following chapters Research Design, Universe and survey population, Sample Size, Nature of the data, Method of data collection (Primary & Secondary) Hypothesis, Identified independent and dependent variables, Contents analysis, Various tests, Applied statistical tools (Analysis pattern) etc. – Notes( References)

    m.    RESEARCH INSTRUMENT: Relevance of each question asked in questionnaire

    n.      LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY : Constraints under which the study has been undertaken

    o.      DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION :  Objective wise analysis, Microanalysis, Decodification of data, Tabulation of the data , Classification of Data,  Use of graphs, Depiction of Bar diagrams, Histogram and its observation and inferences drawn.

    p.      SUGGESTION AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Summary of major observation and recommendations including utility of observations and direction for future research

    q.      FINDINGS OF THE STUDY: Includes all the major highlights & findings of the study

    r.        ANNEXURE : It includes Questionnaire for the study,

    List of graphs with suitable Title & Page No.,

    List of Table with suitable Title & Page No

    BIBLIOGRAPHY (In correct standard format must strictly be adhered in alphabetically. e.g.

    1.            Cyruac, K and Dharamaj. R (1994) “Machiavellianism in Indian Management.” Journal of Business ethice, Vol. 143, No. 4, p 281

    2.            Garg P.K and Parikh, IJ (1998). “Managers and Corporate Cultures : The case of Indian Organisations,” Management International Review, Vol. 38, No 3, PP 257-275

    NOTE: Students are required to Collect copy of GUIDELINES OF PROJECT REPORT from the office and give in writing their Topic of Project Report to office.


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